Authorised Translation

When the customer requests an authorized translation, the translation of the documents must be performed by translators who are authorized by the Ministry of Justice and will contain the stamp and the signature of the translator.

All the translations are performed by translators who are authorized by the Ministry of Justice. The authorized translations can be distinguished by the stamp and the signature of the translator who perfomed the respective translation. The stamp applied by the translator contains his name and the number of the authorization from the Ministry of Justice. provides the following services for authorized translations:

  • authorized translations of the official documents issued by the institutions of the state

Identity Card, Passport, Driving License, Marriage Certificate, Family Record Book, Death Transcript, Graduation Documents, Diplomas etc.

  • authorized translations of the vehicle registration documents

Identity Card or Registration Certificate, Sale-Purchase Contract, Purchase Invoice etc.

  • authorized legal translations

Legislation, Judicial Orders, Power of Attorney, Articles of Incorporation, Summons, Graduation Documents and Register Office Documents, Declarations, Correspondence etc.

  • authorized technical translations

Maintenance and User’s Guide, Task Sheets, Product Catalogs, Technical Sheets, Booklets etc. Our company provides translations in various domains: medical equipment, industrial, construction, energy, environment, IT, transports, etc.

  • authorized economic and financial translations

Audit Reports, Financial-Accounting Reports, Balances, Company Contracts, Reports, Certificates, Inventories etc.

  • authorized medical translations

User’s Guide concerning Medical Equipment and Instruments, Presentations of Medical and Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Certificates and Records, Medical Sheets, Release Records etc.

At the customer’s request, our company can provide more than one copy of the authorized translation. Moreover, if it is necessary, the authorized translation can be legalized, service for which the customer will have to pay the fee requested by the public notary.