Legal Translation

In the legal domain, translations have a certain characteristic. The transcription from the source text inside the target text must be exact and precise, any omission having serious consequences on the quality of the translation.

Taking into account the complexity of the domain and the legal concepts that may vary from one country to another, our company works with experienced translators that are specialized in this domain, reason for which more and more customers request our services.

We are available for any Contract, Law, Articles of Incorporation, Birth or Marriage Certificate, Death Transcript, Certificates issued by various institutions and other types of legal documents and we guarantee the privacy, quality and professionalism of the translation.

Our company performs authorized translations for the following types of documents that can be used in report with authorities or institutions – legal translations:

  • Birth Certificates or Death Transcripts;
  • Marriage Certificates;
  • Notary Documents;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Contracts (Commodatum Contract, Sale-Purchase Contract etc);
  • Legal Documents (Articles of Incorporation, AGA Decisions, Certificates of Good Standing etc.);
  • Documents issued by Legal Authorities (Judicial Orders, Divorce Sentences, Partition Documents).