Legalized Translation can also facilitate the legalization of your translations.

Unlike the authorized translations, the legalized translations represent those types of translations that are performed by a translator who is authorized by the Ministry of Justice for a specific language, and then legalized by a public notary. In other words, the legalization of a translation consists of the authentication of the signature of the translator who performed, signed and stamped the respective translation. The legalization of a translation can only be performed for the translations made by our translators, who are authorized by the Ministry of Justice, for the number of copies requested by the customer.

The customer must understand that not every translation of a document needs to be legalized. The notary legalization is requested by certain institutions of the state when official documents need to be translated.

Our translation company ensures services of legalized translations for the following offical documents and types of content:

  • diplomas and certificates: Graduation Diplomas, Student’s Transcript, Certificates etc.
  • personal documents: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Criminal Record Certificate, Certificates of Inheritance, Work Record Cards, Driving License;
  • vehicle registration documents: Registration Certificate, Sale-Purchase Contract, Invoice.
  • legal documents: Judicial Orders, Articles of Incorporation etc.
  • specific content: Balances, Company Contracts, Reports, Accounting Reports, Certificates etc.

Our specialists perform professional translations from a foreign language to Romanian, from Romanian to a foreign language, as well as from a foreign language to another foreign language.

For more information, please consult the complete list of fees charged by our translation company.