Complete services for the Power of Attorney regarding travelling to Turkey

Our Company offers complete service packages for the persons who travel to Turkey by a vehicle that does not represent private property (according to the MAE request).

In case you travel to Turkey by a vehicle that is driven by another person than its owner, your entry to Turkey will be allowed by the Custom Authorities only after the following documents are presented:

  •  the documents of the vehicle, including the Green Paper;
  • power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle (natural or legal person), that allows the person to drive the respective vehicle from Romania to Turkey and return, or Commodatum Contract signed between the owner of the vehicle and the person who will use the vehicle. Attention! The Power of Attorney or Commodatum Contract must be authentified at a public notary;
  • translation of the documents (Power of Attorney or Commodatum Contract) in Turkish, performed by an authorized translator, legalized by a public notary and bearing an Apostille. (source MAE).