Frequently Asked Questions

Our demands are simple: we need to know the language combination (source language and target language), the number of characters with spaces of the document, the domain and the desired deadline.

To equaly calculate the number of pages from a document, it has benn determined that a standard page contains 2000 characters with spaces, where the total number of characters is divided by 2000 and the real number of pages is obtained. If the document that you wish to translate is not a Word document, but a scanned one or a hard copy, we can only approximate the number of resulted pages, calculating the exact number of translated pages at the end of the translation. For original PDF documents (converted from Word into PDF), we can convert them back into Word in order to calculate the number of pages. The final fee will be deducted according to the total number of translated pages (in the target language).

Authorized translations imply the endorsement of the document only with the stamp and signature of the translator who is authorized by the Ministry of Justice, while legalized translations must also contain a Legalization Agreement of the translator’s signature performed by a Public Notary.

Our Company works with a complete list of styles and formats, with both editable documents or images. These include, but are not limited to:

Adobe PDF (.pdf); Microsoft Office: Word (.doc/.docx), MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx), MS Powerpoint (.ppt/.pptx), MS Publisher (.pub/.pubx); OpenDocument (.odt, .ods, .odp); Web Pages (.htm, .html, .php etc); A wide range of image formats (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .bmp, .psd, .tga etc.)

Our prices depend on a series of factors, such as:

–  Language combinations: some languages are more „rare” than others, and we will have to find an adequate authorized translator if the target or source language present any difficulties.
–  Complexity of the subject: legal, technical, medical, etc.
–  Word Count of the document: the larger the document, the higher the price.
–  The desired deadline: the shorter the deadline, the higher the price.

Yes, we offer discounts if you have a page volume that is higher than 25 pages. We can make you a price offer that will depend on the difficulty of the text, as well as the deadline for the translation. The discounts that we offer are between -5% and -15%.

Our customers can pay cash at our registered office or by a bank transfer based on an invoice issued by our Company that contains the information supplied by the customer. The original invoice will be send by regular mail to the adress specified by the customer in the shortest time possible. In order to fulfill the need of rapidity expressed by the customers who need translation services, a contract can be signed with our Company, trough which convenient payment terms will be established with the customer. We also accept payments in EURO. Depending on the volume of the project, we can request an advance payment of  40-50%.

Of course. Our Company performs professional medical translations for any type of medical document, including medical tests, by using the specific medical terms. We have authorized translations that are specialized in the medical domain in order to respect the quality and accuracy principle of the translation. For more information, call 0755031443. Request an estimation or contact us directly at, where you can also attach your scanned documents.

Our Company’s customers will receive a hord copy of the translation, as well as an electronic copy, no matter the type of the requested translation. As for the delivery, the translations can be delivered by regular mail or at our registered office. Also, we offer an on-line delivery service, in the cases when an authorized translation is required without legalization or if a translation is only requested in an electronic format (economic, legal, technical, medical, academic, etc.), For more information, call 0755031443. Request an estimation or contact us directly at, where you can also attach your scanned documents.

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